HSRM Steel Truss

The use of steel in all truss framing methods has a huge potential market unfolded. HSRM has taken the initiative to promote steel wonders and wider steel usage over the years. As a result of careful studies, HSRM has developed its owned SHIELD TRUSS SYSTEM (STS) which uses fundamental cold formed high tensile steel sections with simple jointing system.

Our system utilize cutting edge software which is managed by a team of experienced engineers and designers. All roofing designs can be converted from conventional material and produce entirelly new in lightweight steel truss, in a short time complete with pricings. Our system is also backed up with installers to ensure a proper work done at all times.

Attributes & Advantages

The unique characteristics inherent in our HSRM SHIELD TRUSS SYSTEMS are as follows:

  • Cost effective designs more savings then conventional material.
  • Total drawing with Engineering Solution in shortest time.
  • Superior strength with high tensile steel.
  • Longer Span capacity.
  • Long length production without splice.
  • Durable coating rust proof.
  • Versatile and high adaptability to fit all kinds of roof and roof formation / design.
  • Cut to length, zero or minimal waste on site.
  • Fast, efficient construction with simple joint methods.
  • No primer no finish coat required
  • Steel is consistent, straight and homogeneous material.
  • No kilning pretreatment needed.
  • Light material, easy to carry or work with.
  • Environmentally friendly material.
  • Inspection site after completion works.
  • Systems guarantee for installation by HSRM.