HSRM Loratile ® Roofing

The latest long run step roofing system from HSRM. Its distinct weather roof features and excellent spanning capability are ideal for residential, commercial and refurbishment projects.

Long Lasting Color

Available in a wide range of new high quality color, approved by JIS and ASTM Standards with double coated baked systems which will ensure years of new and aesthetic appearance and protection.


For an average Lora roofing tile area of 215m². The loading weight on the building is only approximately 1 metric ton as compared to approximately 5 metric tons when using traditional concrete or clay tiles on the same area (i.e. given the same roof area, its loading weight on a building is only about one fifth of the traditional tiles).


Manufactured using the superior standard double coating system, enhance its roofing strength and protection against corrosion under severe tropical weather conditions and marine environment.


The triple anticailary drains on under lapping provides 100% protection from water seepage through the sheet overlaps. Free of leakage zero maintenance can save you cost of future repairs.

Batten Spacing

Lora Roofing tile is supported on roof battens on the rafters. Tack the eaves batten against the fascia board. Then set and tack the second batten to 205mm from the eaves batten. Lay the rest of the battens to module length 305mm across the rafters, up to the ridge and stack them in position. Batten are cut to length so they butt together on top of the rafters.


Roof Laying

Lora roofing tile is laid with steps stepping down the roof slope. When looking from the gutter end the overlapping side is on the left. Then are laid from right to left in reverse laying method to ensure a tight module fit weather security. Place the first roofing sheet in position and tack the sheet to the batten through the third ridge of the profile at the fascia and the ridge, so that the left side of the roofing sheet can be lifted for reverse-laying. Run a string line parallel to the fascia board at the front end of the roofing sheets accordingly and square the roofing sheets to the string line.

Recommended Minimum Size For Timber Battens

Recommended Size For Steel Battens

Recommended Specification For Loratiles Installation

Loratile® Roofing Specification



Lora Roofing Tile comes with a range of aesthetic roofing accessories and components manufactured by HSRM
(For use as Apex Ridge/ Hip Cap)
Standard length - 2440mm
Barrel Cap
(For use as Apex Ridge/ Hip Cap)
Overall Length : 400mm (1'3¾")
Length of Cover : 275mm (1'2¾")
Box Barge Cover
Standard Length - 2440mm (8'0")
Valley Gutter
Standard length - 2440mm (8'0")
Ridge II
(For use as Apex Ridge/ Hip Cap)
Standard length - 2440mm
Wall Flashing
Standard length - 2440mm (8'0")
Barge Cap
Standard length - 2440mm (8'0")
Self Drilling Hexagon Washer Face
Nail with Neoprene Washer, Galvanised twisted shank and precoated colour similar to the roofing