HSRM Roller Shutter®

Auto/Manual Rolling Door and Window

Manufactured with advanced processing techniques, it replaces the traditional rolling door. It is the functional combination of decoration, prevention and protection. Advanced operation ways includes manual or remote controled with locking device.


  • Fabricated from heat galvanized double layer steel plate or galvanized metal.
  • Suitable for door with large span.
  • The rails are made of aluminium that prevents rust.
  • Choice consists of manual, electrical or remote controlled motor.
  • Wireless remote and button on control box ensure door stays in exact position.
  • Special and yet modern design of features bring excellent vision effect, day lighting, ventilation and natural light into the building.
  • Multi-purpose and flexible to be used as decorative partitions, sidewalk separation with drive way and etc.
  • Provide anti-theft security to the properly owners.
  • All motors are equipped with interior overheat protection system.


Auto/Manual Roller

With Tubular Motor

  1. Roller Door Curtain
  2. Spring S with Bolt
  3. Nylon Drum Wheel with Rivet
  4. Polyglide
  5. Full Width PVC Weather Seal
  6. Aluminium Rail
  7. Fixture Kits
  8. Support Bracket
  9. PVC Weather Seal
  10. Aluminium Bar Center with Flush & Pedal
  11. Aluminium Door Guard with Wall Plug
  12. Door Lock with Flat Bar
  13. L or T Shape Aluminium Bottom Bar
  1. Slat
  2. Bottom Slat
  3. Short Slat
  4. PVC Side Clip
  5. Expansion Screws
  6. Guide Rail (SL 15)
  7. PVC Ring
  8. Steel Axle
  9. Motor
  10. Manual Crank (SL 151C)
  11. Box23 Axle Insert
  12. Nylon Guide Roller (SL 57)
  13. Fixed Screw
  14. Security Door Lock (SL 147)
  15. Stop Mechanism
  16. Tensional Spring (SL 154)
  17. Bracket
  18. Bearing (SL 156)
  19. Nut
  20. Screw Bar
  21. Guide Rail Inlet (SL 57)
  22. Aluminium Axle (SL 101A)


SL92-140M Tubular Motor

SLT 20 Tubular Motor

HS Gear Motor Fixed Externally

ET-16 & ET-22

Output Speed: 16rmp
Output Torque: 15N.M
Current: 1A
Power: 180W
Limit Revolution: 30
Time Rating: 4 min
Tube Diameter: 45mm
Complete Weight: 3.2kg
Lift Weight: 22.5kg
Length: 613mm
Noise: <50db (A)

Output Speed: 12rmp
Output Torque: 140N.M
Current: 3.2A
Power: 680W
Limit Revolution: 16
Time Rating: 4 min
Tube Diameter: 92mm
Complete Weight: 13.5kg
Lift Weight: 210kg
Length: 560mm
Noise: <58db (A)

Power: 150W
Rating: 0.05m/s
HS 300/250
Current: 1.67A
Tube Diameter: 100mm
Noise: <60db(A)

Power: 170-260V 50Hz
Rating: 0.15-0.20m/s
Remote Workable Distance:>50m
Exterior Diameter: 260mm